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Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

Our platform works with your content to provides insights and metrics on how you can grow your business and scale your infastructure.

Why YouTube channel : Code Flow is appearing on top of the page?

Code Flow is an official YouTube channel of which provide visual solution to the problem posted by You can visit its official channel page at Code Flow

How do I make changes and configure my site?

You can easily change your site settings inside of your site dashboard by clicking the top right menu and clicking the settings button.

How can we contact to author of the post if we stuck on any step on his/her tutorial?

On the repair post page which you are viewing you can find the contact detail of author who has posted that article. You can use that information (like email) to contact him/her.

Is it free to post an article on

Yes. it is totally free to post an article on and there is no any hidden charge or extra charges. But your post must follow community guidelines.

My article is not posted or disapproved!

All article posted or submitted by creators are reviewed to maintain quality issues and checked if there is any community voilation post or not. We also check for the completeness of an article. If we found it is not suitable for viewers then we disapprove the post.

What if the article is fake or leads to fake instruction?

The article posted on is mostly checked and tested. But there is no guarantee that, provided information on the post will work for you. If you feel it is fake, then you can send message directly to